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Feteks Elastic F Series
Feteks Polyurethane Inks
Feteks Acrylic Inks
Feteks Discharge Inks
Feteks Digital Inks
Feteks Phthalate-Free Plastisols
Feteks Universal Screen Emulsion

Superior Quality Water Based Inks

Powered by our 35 years of experience and research, we proudly provide you a wide range of superior quality water-based solutions.

Polyurethane Inks / High Stretchable
F-101: White
F-102: Clear
F-101 AF: Foil-Release White
F-102 AF: Foil-Release Clear
F-107: Anti-Migration Barrier
F-109: Foil Release Agent
Glytron WB: Glitter Adhesive

Acrylic Inks / High Fastnesses
FW-777: White for Machine Print
FC-777: Clear for Machine Print
FW-333: White for Table Print
FC-333: Clear for Table Print
Expuff F-110: Puff Paste
F-117: Anti-Migration Barrier
F-118: Pigment Paste
Metabond S2: Foil Adhesive
Glytron RB: Glitter Adhesive
Permafol P: Flock Adhesive

Dicharge Inks
DC-501: Eco Discharge White
DC-503: Eco Discharge Clear
DC-504: Activator
DC-601: Discharge White
DC-603: Discharge Clear
DC-604: Activator

Hybrid Digital Inks
F-3005A: Top Coat Clear
F-3006: Base White
F-3007: Base Clear
F-3008: Crosslinker

Phthalate-Free Plastisols

Black, White 141 , White 131, White 121, Yellow 120, Gold Yellow 122, Orange 130, Red 235, Red Carminio 145, Violet 150, Magenta 45, Blue 56, Blue Oltremare, Navy Blue 62, Green 162, Transparent, Transparent YK, Transparent Gel, Puff, 3D Photoprint Colors (CMYK)

Screen Emulsion

Diazo-based screen emulsion. Recommended for all kinds of prints including discharge, plastisols and water-based.

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